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Football fans can be congratulated; Top Eleven has finally arrived for your smartphone in a version that includes all the features of the successful Facebook game, plus improving the gameplay for the management of your teams. Developed and ready to download for Android and iOS alike, you'll have the top experience, sponsored by Jose Mourinho, in managing every aspect of your own team and competing against your friends online.

The User Interface of the free game is really basic, putting the efforts in the design of simple menus in order to avoid confusion with the options. First of all, Top Eleven lacks 3D graphics like other major soccer games. Instead of that, Top Eleven offers detailed stats and movements of the players as icons, almost like a browser strategy game. This information will lead you to conclusions about your squad formation and players, amongst other useful data for further matches.

Top Eleven includes an online cross-platform feature for combining the smartphone results to the Facebook version of the game

Technically speaking, the menus are very visual and intuitive, which makes the game easy to play. Nonetheless, in order to optimize the control of the game, all the sections and actions have been adapted to the touch screens of the smartphones and tablets, making faster each operation. Additionally, Top Eleven includes an online cross-platform feature for combining the smartphone results to the Facebook version of the game.

Prepare your team before the match
Prepare your team before the match


Basically, Top Eleven consists on a basic Interface, from which you can manage every aspect of your team. While the game is on you can be spectating the progress, perform substitutions whenever it is needed and control the formation and strategies of your team. Training your teams, you will increase the possibility of success by improving the skills of your players and developing new strategies. You can play in the online championship you want alongside your friends.

One of the attractive points of Top Eleven is the fact that you can sign new football players for your team and dismiss those that you think won’t fit in your new squad. This management will require points that can get during the game, winning matches and selling players, but it also includes the possibility of purchasing additional tokens with real money. However, this won’t be necessary unless you want to improve your team right away almost without progression.

You can customize your soccer facilities such as the training field, the stadium and the general aspect of your team. Create your favorite team with the colors and aspect of your current real football team. Among these elements, you can also obtain popular sponsorships that will raise your funds, or download items from real-world clubs.

Manage your club facilities
Manage your club facilities

Top Eleven 2.22.1 Features

These are the main features of Top Eleven for smartphones:

  • Original free-to-play soccer management system
  • Build your stadium, sport facilities and upgrade them supplying anything your team needs
  • Modify your team’s strategies in real time while the match is on
  • Create and participate in the championship you want alongside your friends
  • Customize your team squad with real items from official clubs such as Milan, Real Madrid and Liverpool
  • Cross-Platform gameplay saving your progress between games clients
  • Available in different languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Czech, Arabic, Bosnian and more

Through this link you can learn more information about the game and its modes.

Sign new players for your ultimate team
Sign new players for your ultimate team

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for running Top Eleven on your smartphone:

  • Operating System: iOS version 5, Android version 2.2
  • Size: 26MB free space and additional space for downloadable content
  • The game requires an Internet connection for playing championships and management



By Keyvo Kimaita

On Monday, June 1, 2015


This as the name of the game itself suggest this is a game about soccer playing and the player of this game you mainly act as the coach of the players of this game and they are eleven in number and first of all after I downloaded this game I realized that you can be able to customize some of the things in the game such as the team that you have formed to play in the game and also you can be able to customize the field whereby the eleven team members are going to be playing on.


The following are the features of top eleven 2.22.1

You can customize the soccer field and also the players

Just as the real teams like Manchester united in this game you can sign new players and also eject others

You can train your player and improve their skills on the soccer pitch


You can get results as you wish depending on how you train your team members.


  • You train your players to get skills
  • You can also upgrade the various things like soccer pitch


  • the game is very addictive
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