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Polaris Office: Utilize all possibilities of your small screen devices!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Polaris Office is a revolutionary productivity suite developed by Infraware solutions for making your Smartphones and tablets even smarter. It comes with a set of great tools like word processor, spreadsheet, Publisher etc. which can produce professional level outputs with great ease. It is the best office application available for android and iPhone today.

Polaris Office can be used for word processing, spreadsheet, Publishing etc. as said above. It is a power packed application with an intuitive user interface. It comes with lots of text and graphic editing facilities, word spelling and grammar correction, transition effects, formatting features and much more. The main feature I love in it is that it can work on Microsoft Office formats. It helps me continue my works even when I’m travelling. Cloud features are also quite useful.

If you are in search of a feature rich productivity solution for Android or iOS, get Polaris Office without thinking twice. It can fulfill all your needs and greed without taking the limitations of small screen devices into account. Overall, it is the best Office suite for your Smartphone and tablet!


  • Great templates and graphic editing facilities
  • Best auto correction and word editing features
  • Best tools for excel, word processing, and Publishing
  • Great PDF creating and editing abililties


  • Image aligning issues are found
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download documents on android and edit word and excel as you would have done on windows

By Benson Mutwiri

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This is a software that is available for android phones or tablets that lets them have the various office features such as word,excel etc that are found in the phones that use an windows operating type of system.I think android had to do this because Microsoft refused to sell to them that idea and that is why polaris office lacks originality compared to the features that the original Microsoft office has thou it has very many features.It is free to download and therefore when you download a document that is in the format of Microsoft word excel it will be downloaded my polaris office and thus appear in its format but the basic thing about it is that you can be able to the documents so that they suite your needs.


It converts all Microsoft documents that are downloaded to word.

Store your documents in the cloud.


It is a cool application but its lacks the originality compared to Microsoft.


  • you can edit word and excel documents
  • it is somehow user friendly


  • the user interface is a bit outdated
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get your office work to be done despite havung an android operating system

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Let me ask you one question folks? Do you have an android Smartphone if yes please keep on reading this review. Polaris office is an application found on the android market that helps you download documents and then convert them into formats such as word, excel, PowerPoint and the other formats of the Microsoft windows. The reason why android developed that is because there is no version of Microsoft office in the phones that are not using the windows software. One thing that I found interesting about the polaris office is that you can create pdf files and edit them if you are in need of doing so.It is free to download here and set it up and then it is very easy to use so kindly download it now.


The features of this application are

Create and edit documents in pdf format.

Have documents in the wod, excel and PowerPoint.

Spell checking options if you have misspelt some words.


It has helped all the people who do not have a windows operating system.


  • it is very simple to use
  • you can create and edit pdf files


  • it does not have all the features of the windows version of microsoft
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i will use the program for sincronising office laptop,samsung tab 2s tablet and galaxy s6 edge smart phone on regular basis, this will be use


  • i am going to use it to do some bible studies so i can grow on my faith and at the same time promote and show others how well this this program works

  • school work, homework research, and at homFor many different reasons as I have used this program before. I really liked it and it functions.

  • to do projects on excel file,write stories on word file, ppt reading,presentations for all these office very important as a guide at home ..

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used several programs from word doc, to polaris 4 an now i need this one to keep up to date thankyou for the time effort and the download

  • i use microsoft office word but i lost it when my computer caught some virus when i am downloading something in the internet and now i had to

  • i use polaris office on my android phone, tablets, and using any knd of microsoft office, i think i dont like to much talking here but thanks

  • for me have busines so ineed to calculate and make some datas for my costumers so i need excel work any way the soft ware is very good so iam downloading the software

  • I have used microsoft word in the past but i dont understand why they end my subscription on new laptops. I am looking at my options on other programs similar

What do you like most about this program?
  • polaris is a user friendly program that is easy to operate and gives an outsdanding result, particularly when used for powerpoint presentations.

  • it let me access all my files and work with them in a profesional way which at the same time will make me look good so others will ask about this program

  • i can edit and rework doucments.it helps me to set finical goals and see where we are spending money by tracking every penny that we spend.helpful

  • One thing I want about this program is because of its convenience to use and it is easy to synchronize and link files from various applications.



Polaris Office is an all-in-one productivity suite developed by Infraware solutions for Android and Apple devices. It lets you create or edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even PDF files with ease on the go. It not only lets you produce professional level documents, but also lets you keep data organized.

Polaris Office is a powerful application that maneuvered the wide spread of BYOD (Bring your own device) trend, a policy of permitting employees and students to carry their laptops, Smartphones, Tablets and other such devices to the workplace, with the aim of improved productivity. The trend which was once facing shrivel due to compatibility issues started to sprout again through Polaris Office.

What is Polaris Office?

There are a number of third-party offices Suites available on app stores which can open Microsoft Office documents, for example, Office Mobile. But these applications lacked advanced editing options that we find on MS Office on Windows PC. It was Polaris Office who introduced a satisfactory editing platform for the first time on Smartphones. It can work with all Microsoft Office formats and the well known PDF format.

Triggering the application will first lead you sample Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on which you can practice editing. You will find a bunch of tools well arranged on top of the screen such as image and table insertion functions, undo, redo, etc. You can even import quick snaps taken using the camera. Right side of the screen is allotted for formatting options, in which you will see text formatting options such as paragraph, color, font, etc. In short, you are given quick access to everything you need.

Why do I love it?

Polaris office lets you carry your office wherever you go with its wide range of supported formats and advanced editing capabilities. Whatever docs you open with this app will be backed up both on cloud and local storage. It lets you work both offline and online on the same document. Through the latest version which supports Google Chromecast, one can now easily display office docs, slideshow presentations and spreadsheets directly from your device onto a display connected with Chromecast.

Polaris Office is well-optimized for both Smartphones and Tablets. It can not only work with Microsoft documents but also Apple’s numbers, Pages and Keynote document formats. Revisions made on documents will reflect on cloud also automatically. Email file attachments and free cloud storage are also provided with this Office suite. If you are not satisfied with default cloud storage, you can download and edit files from other major cloud storages like Drop Box, WebDAV, OneDrive, uCloud, Google Drive, etc. without any restrictions. If you have Polaris Desktop client on PC, you can even make avail important documents on handheld devices through simple drag and drop method.

Polaris Office 5.4.6 Features

Here are the 15 main features we love in Polaris Office!

  • Create and edit Office documents like Word text, Spreadsheets and p slideshows
  • Files you worked are automatically saved on both local storage and cloud
  • Changes made on local documents will reflect on their respective cloud copies also
  • Free Cloud storage and email attachment options
  • You can download and edit docs from other cloud services also.
  • Take and insert photographs quickly to document using your mobile camera
  • Downloadable desktop client for more free Cloud space and easy file sharing with handheld devices
  • Support to MS Office formats, Apple document formats and doc/docx, PDF, xls/xlsx, hwp, txt, ppt/pptx, etc.
  • Get, edit and save docs directly to external storages like SD card
  • Advanced security options to files and password protection for application
  • PowerPoint sports 34 incredible transition effects for slides
  • 24 beautiful templates for creative minds
  • Make your reports attractive with 20 2D/3D chart styles and 173 supported shapes
  • Excel supports over 300 functions and quick data calculation
  • Multilingual support – German, English, French, Russian and more

You can view more features here: product here

System Requirements

Before heading to the download button, make sure that your device can run it! Here are the minimum requirements.

Android: 4.0 and up

Apple: Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices working on iOS 7 and up.


Polaris Office is a great productivity application for your Smartphone and tablet. It contains a number of advanced tools and functions. It lets you create quality documents without suppressing your creativity. It supports almost all MS Office and Apple formats. You will also get cloud storage with this revolutionary application.

Note: Latest version of Polaris Office comes with advanced document sharing facilities. You can either attach the document with emails or share it with your friend's circle through social networks. Both sharing options are included on a single-pop-up window now. If you are using Polaris Office from phone, you will have to hold the phone portrait.

  • Cloud storage available
  • Multilingual support in the new version
  • Supports a wide range of formats
  • Updates only for Samsung Galaxy series