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InFamous: First Light is a standalone videogame that belongs to the latest release in the InFamous saga: InFamous Second Son. This game has been developed by Sucker Punch, published by Sony Computer Entertainment and you will be able to play it on the next-gen console PlayStation 4. It is worth mentioning that this installment does not work as the regular downloadable content (or DLCs) since you can play it without needing to having the main videogame. This means that you can download InFamous: First Light and play it without having played Second Son, but that said, you will pick up on more information and notice more details if you have played it before.

Imprisoned Fetch
Imprisoned Fetch

Abigail "Fetch" Walker has the central role in the storyline. She is a conduit who appears in the main game when following the story of Delsin Rowe. Fetch's story is not easy to explain since there is pain, drug abuse, moments of heartbreak and abandonment. Playing as this tragic character, you will see the events that change her and make her become the girl we saw in Second Son. You will see how her life was while she was imprisoned in Curdun Cay; the facility in which the main antagonist of Second Son, Brooke Augustine, retained the conduits she found and experimented with them. You will see how Fetch was captured and how she feels after losing her brother Brent due to drugs, but overall, you will see the things she is able to do to free herself.

By following Fetch's story, you will visit some new locations that do not appear in the main game. As mentioned, Curdun Cay is one of those locations and you will be able to play on it. You will also see the snowy, rocky mountains that surround the facility. In fact, the people of Sucker Punch have said that they have had to adjust the engine they used to use to get the amazingly realistic light effects, the particles in the air and the facial expressions that appear in this standalone.

Amazing landscapes
Amazing landscapes

What we must know about Fetch

Abigail Walker, better known as Fetch, is a conduit that controls the neon. She is able to fire short blast of neon, longer beams, and run very quickly when she transforms herself into neon, even being able to climb buildings and walls. She can also protect herself by generating a force field that forces a concussion on the attacker. In addition, as with almost all the conduits, she has increased resistance, what means that she can bear more harm and injuries without being in danger.

Fetch's story is not easy to tell since there is pain, drug abuse, moments of heartbreak and abandonment

Physically, in Second Son, she has her hair dyed in dark pink and she wears broken clothes with skulls, with some piercings in the nose and the ears. However, when in Curdun Cay, her hair is brown and she has no piercings. In the events of InFamous: First Light, she wears the same clothes except when she is imprisoned, when she wears the clothes of a prisoner.

Her early story begins when her powers awaken and her parents, who are very scared of her, want to send her to the authorities. Her brother Brent discovers what their parents want to do and flees with Fetch. Without a home, they become part of a group of dealers, where they discover drugs and become addicted. Later, under the effects of a drug withdrawal, Fetch accidentally throws a neon blast to her brother and he passes away. After that, she is captured by the DUP and becomes part of Brooke Augustine’s Curdun Cay.

InFamous: First Light Full Version Features

Here you can see the unique features of InFamous: First Light

  • There is no need to have the main videogame to play this standalone
  • The main character is Abigail Fetch Walker
  • Improved graphics to see every detail of this experience
  • You will be free to discover the previous story of Fetch
  • New locations to play and explore

If you are interested in InFamous: First Light and you want to know more about this standalone game before you download it, feel free to visit the official website .

System Requirements

In order to correctly download this game from your console, you need to have the following system requirements:

  • Operating System: PlayStation 4


For what are you going to use the program?
  • For entertainment purposes and so that i wont get bored while i am home on the school holidays just like every time so please allow me to download this game.


Fetch knows the story and enjoy new styles of missions and attacks as neon lights.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, June 8, 2015

Fetch controlling our skills allow us to run at full speed without stopping Seattle, shoot the weaknesses of enemies, using neon clouds that serve as turbo to move faster across the stage, lifting the enemy to disarm them and other movements new. Control and many actions are familiar in most cases, but also has its differences Fetch. Thanks in part to a tree opens new improvements that can enhance absorption powerfully neon, downloads, speed of light, Melee, laser focus, explosion stasis, guided missiles or single attack . The potential yet deployed their full arsenal is impressive.

Seattle is full of small lights that give us points for improvement to achieve them, there are nearly twenty races that give us other points of improvements and the DLC has dozens of challenges exchange for more points.

First Light is designed to be enjoyed once the main story. At that time we will open all arenas of challenges that are available and which extend the useful life of this DLC at least about three hours


  • new types of missions that provide variety
  • Much content ahead if you want to squeeze 100%


  • Too simple story complete without great challenges