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Hitman GO! is the latest installment of the renowned Hitman game series, released for iOS and Android. This is the first iteration of Hitman to have new scale-model style graphics and turn-based puzzle gameplay. All previous Hitman titles where third-person action games focusing on stealth greatly.

Note: This review was created after testing the game on both iPhone 4S and LG’s new flagship, G2. Graphics and gameplay seemed to be equally great in both devices. Therefore, this review covers for both iOS and Android versions of the game. Download the latest version for enjoying civilian mode and ‘skip this move’ option.


Hitman GO! shares nothing with any other previous Hitman game. The game resembles the style of a board game with multiple levels in the same stage. In each level, you will notice diorama-style piece set with all the characters being tiny models which resemble glossy 3D printed dolls. Surroundings look like miniature of real places made of plastic.

You control Agent 47 within the marked grid as in ludo game around the board. You will be making the first movement. After your turn, enemies around the board also move. Avoid meeting your enemies face to face as they will take you down on the spot. Alternatively, you can attack enemies only from the back or side.

Each level contains more than one objective, which are optional for you to achieve along with completion of level. Completing each goal will award you additional points, which can help you reach higher levels faster. Levels are arranged in the increasing order of difficulty. Foreseeing enemy’s movement patterns is essential to reaching goal without getting trapped in front of the enemy.Eventually, the game provides you weapons and distractions which can be triggered from any corner towards your enemy standing elsewhere.

You will find a hint system which gives you step by step advice on achieving different goals in a level. By default, only five hinds will be provided in the game for free. You can download additional hints via in-app purchase system.You can also skip levels through it by making a small payment.

Graphics and Sound

Hitman GO! is deliberately designed in 3D for being a visual treat on high-definition screens like Apple’s retina display, with more pixels per inch (PPI) count. The board resembles a miniature world with excellent plastic looking textures and elements such as lampposts, trees and fences sticking out of it. Overall, the game looks very impressive.

Like any other Square Enix game, Hitman GO! is also packed with great sound effects .Background music in some levels is very nice. Even small details, such as sound of creatures in night are also well recreated. In short, the combination of mind-blowing graphics with impressive sound makes a different gaming experience.

Hitman GO 1.10.21730 Features

List of 10 cool features you will fall in love with:

  • Challenging puzzles to puzzle your brain – Tests your pattern recognition skills
  • Mind-blowing scale model-style graphics
  • Secret passageways, hiding spots and off-limit areas for testing your assassination skills
  • Agent 47’s toolset – Distractions, weapons, disguises, sniper rifles, hiding spots and even iconic Silverballers
  • Enemies show uniqueness in appearance and aggressive behaviors
  • Levels can be completed in different ways – forcefully or silently as you like
  • You can skip hard levels by paying some bucks!
  • More sound effects – Even the sound of cricket at night can be heard
  • Character movements resemble chess pieces

You can view more features here

System Requirements

Urge to play the game? Wait... Before heading to the download section, make sure that your phone can run it. Here are the minimum requirements:

Apple devices: - iPad 2 or higher, iPhone 4 or higher, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th generation or higher

Android devices: - Android 2.3.3 and above

Free Space: 200 MB


Hitman GO! is really an impressive game. The game is based on a new concept, and it is also presented well. It not only gives you fun but also sharpens your pattern recognizing abilities. If you own a Smartphone, you should definitely try the game… Overall, Hitman GO! is a great game for wiping out boredom.

  • Good graphics and plastic like textures
  • Great puzzles to tease the brain
  • Only five in-game hints available