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The new Marvel superhero movie brings attention to characters that aren't as well-known as the Hulk, Captain America or even Thor. In their place now we will be able to get to know the chaotic side of Marvel thanks to this new game, Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW (for The Ultimate Weapon). This app is available to download for the major mobile systems, which are Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Following the events from the original movie, you will have to gather PJ (playable characters) in order to create a team powerful enough to save the galaxy against a new threat, Ronan the Accuser who is trying to collect the remaining pieces of the Universal Weapon. Join Peter Quill aka Star-Lord a hybrid human-spartoi; Groot, a humanlike tree assassin; Drax, the Destroyer, a revenge-driven convict; Gamora, an assassin seeking redemption; and Rocket Raccoon, the expert of fire weapons in their quest for saving civilization as we know it.

The gameplay graphics are very cartoonish, properly showing off a charming version of these comic superheroes.

The design of the overall game resembles the new wave of comics, displaying the events of the story in a cartoon style. The gameplay graphics are very cartoonish, properly showing off a charming version of these comic superheroes. The sound aspect is correct in general terms, including some good tracks and hit effects.

Perform special attacks
Perform special attacks

How to Play

During the battles, your PJs will move in real-time, so you will need some reflexes in order to command them to attack the correct enemies that appear from every part of the stage. In order to attack them, drag the character you want to the enemy you want to damage. Each PJ has a unique skill that can be triggered from time to time, dealing heavy damage or just applying effects such as confusion to the enemies in order to stop their attacks.

Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW allows you to form your own party with those PJ you get by defeating them or just by setting them free like the main ones at the beginning of the title. As long as you go further in the game, you will discover new hit combos combining several PJ with compatible skills.

One of the features that the users will like the most is the fact of not including any in-app objects. This way the developers made sure to not bother the players by introducing additional content to download paying for it. You will need to discover all the content by yourself during your quest but it will be easy with the help of all the available heroes.

Choose your party members
Choose your party members

Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW 1.1 Features

Here you can find the listed features for Guardians of the Galaxy: TUW:

  • Game based on the popular Marvel heroes of the movie based on the original comic
  • Form your ultimate party with your favorite characters, combining their unique skills
  • Gameplay is easy to understand with some forthcoming challenges
  • Arena mode available in which you will be able to use the free villains you defeated along with your heroes

If you want to get additional information about this super heroes game, take a look at the official website through this link.

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements to run this game:

  • Operating System: Windows Phone 8, iOS7 or Android 4
  • Size: 42MB free space and additional space for further downloads