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By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015


This is a very interesting game and a fun to play game with a very amazing storyline.The main thing happens when you are in a ship and then the ship gets involved in an accident which you were with your friends in it.The main objective of the game is to rescue your friends but the main one is in those friends you make sure that your best friend is safe and sound because you as the main player in the game your regain consciousness before the others who are your friends.As you try and rescue your friends you will also get some opposition from your enemies which you must overcome.


The following are the features of battleblock full version

There are very many levels to play through which are over four hundred and fifty levels.

The game play is quite hard.

There are various weapons provided in the game.


This game is quite interesting and I would urge players to download this game so that they can sharpen their wits.


  • The storyline is very great.
  • The game has stunning graphics


  • the game is very addictive



. BATTLBLOCK THEATER FULL VERSION it is available for download for pc and xbox 360

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Monday, November 2, 2015

This is a game that you can download for pc and xbox 360. It is a fun game to play with a mission. You will take control of a group of friends that have been shipwrecked in a certain island. Once you download it and play you will discover that it has some secrets achievements to unlock thus making the game more attractive interesting and fun to play.

The player in this game has some rally funny costumes and different enemies to face in the game. This game has the animated type of characters and the graphics of this game are good too together with the colour effects of the game making it interesting and captive to play.


It has more than 450 different levels

You can play it online

You can create your own levels

You have variety of weapons


it is a good game to ply and fun too.

although it is fun to play it is very very tiresome to play because of the different levels


  • it is fun to play
  • it is very an adventures game


  • it is very tiresome and addictive to play



a ship is involved in an accident and your friend is in there find him!

By Faith Mwari

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

this is a game whereby the player takes control of friends after a ship gets an accident. It is very interesting to play this game because after the accident of the ship the people who were in there find someone taking control of the ship after they gain consciousness. the friend even fight over who will take full control of that island. it is really a funny game to play taking to the account the number of enemies fighting over that funny theatre and its control. when people gains conscious after the shipwreck, those who were hijacked do not even understand or know where they are or what is happening.its clear flash lights makes it very colourful and this also makes it very interested and the players enjoy it very much. this game you can play it all through because of its attractive graphics and the way characters are arranged in a way such that it makes if very interesting and also because of its many characters who fights the enemies


Its graphics are high class thus making it very enjoyable while playing. Its colourful features makes it difficult to play. It has many different levels for any game to be played. its features also makes it possible to play it with your friends online.


i enjoyed playing this game a lot


  • you discover new technologies which are fun
  • you learn new methods of rescue


  • it is very complicated to play




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Gaming and playing the game I just wanted to have a free download so I dont have to pay on steam or my xbox 360. Thank you for letting me dow

  • I wish have fun with my litlle sister because we are bored. Thank you for this game. It's a good thing we can play on Linux. I think I will enjoy.

  • To play the game for I just want to find an alternative way of gaming without having to spend money. Also because I have no clue what to do right now.

  • I want it to have my brain smarter so i can remember to listen to the story when you complete all scenes in one chapter each, and for puzzling.

  • To use as an entertaining factor in my life to experience happiness so i can figure out that this site makes me write to the exact # of characters

What similar programs have you used?
  • This is my first time downloading games like this in these websites hoping that it doesnt contain any virus because if so, i hate my life ;n;

  • None really, just sorta getting into these sorts of arcadey games for the first time. hoping this game will be as fun as it looks. adding characters

  • idk maybe you should go and ask god yourself but i use steam so yea anyways i want to play this game cuz this game is amazing plus it's in block form

  • I have also used castle crashers, a 2 player game so i could enjoy fun with my family and friends from a more same-keyboard style of play. .

  • Google Chrome, why? i Don't know, actualy probably becouse its cool or something? could be, i mean its faster than internet explorer. so yeah.

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is a humorous game that can intail treachery and betrayal between friends and family with resulting madness and comedy all rolled into a single game

  • I like the speed of the download and the fact that its always available so I dont have to wait in long lines behind other people interested.

  • level making because its fun and also u can challenge friendsat your course is so awsome il like playing canpaign to its so cool i love it so much

  • I like that the download time isnt nearly as long as other pages. It saves me time throughout my day, and i don't have to wait hours for a finished product.

  • My favorite thing about this game is The multiplayer and being able to look diffrent and has a semi good story to it.. Plus i just want to play with my friends


Behemoth is back with a new title for all those players who want a real challenge. From the studio creator of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, newly released is Battleblock Theater, a new platform game in which you will take control of a group of friends that have been shipwrecked in a mysterious island. The game is available to download for Xbox 360 and PC and promises great arcade gameplay with some secret achievements to unlock.

Battleblock Theater takes you to the island after the shipwreck of the S.S. Friendship. Once you reawaken to consciousness from the accident, your quest is to rescue your friends and the best friend of all, Hatty Hattington, who begins fighting against the mad cat guards that own the devastated theater. Despite it being an absurd plot for a the game, it is actually a really funny game, with some charming details such as the variety of enemies that will attack you and the different funny costumes for the player.

The graphics are similar to flash games, focused mainly in its colorful visual aspect and the animation of the characters on the stage. These features make Battleblock Theater to resemble previous games developed by The Behemoth studio, such as Castle Crashers, which is visually similar, and includes a wide variety of customizable player characters.

Play against everyone online
Play against everyone online

How to play

The main point of the game is the fact that it is difficult. Each new stage will be a challenge that will need the best of your skills with impossible jumps and new strategies. It really doesn’t matter if you fail many times as while you try to collect all the gems you will be able to restart as many times as you need without limit.

Besides the usual campaign single player mode, you can choose the multiplayer mode for beating the difficult challenges looking for achievements, both from the same system or online. The cooperative mode is not the only one available; you can also enter to the Arenas for fighting against anyone online, competing in different teams.

Check the more than 450 levels available for the different modes.

The first time you get into Battleblock Theater after the download you can check the more than 450 levels available for the different modes. In case you want some more stages, you can create them with all kind of blocks. Once you have finished designing the new challenging level you can share it over the Internet, directly through the Steam Workshop or via Xbox Live.

Ride on funny creatures with unique skills
Ride on funny creatures with unique skills

Battleblock Theater Full Version Features

Check in this list the main features of the arcade platform Battleblock Theater game:

  • Colorful platform game with a high level of gameplay difficulty
  • More than 450 different levels available in diverse game modes with different achievements waiting for you
  • Play against your friends online in the cooperative mode and the new Arenas competitive mode
  • Create your own levels or share and download this content with other users on the Internet
  • New Insane game mode which test your skills offering just one try per level
  • Set the prisoners free from the evil cats and customize your own character
  • Enjoy all kinds of crazy weapons with different effects like freezing, poisoning and all you can imagine

For more information and videos about its arcade gameplay, be free to click on this link for the official website.

System Requirements

These are the requirements for Battleblock Theater:

Operating System: Windows XP or Linux

CPU: 2,8Ghz Core 2 Duo Intel for Windows or 3,3GHz

Memory: 1GB RAM

GPU: compatible with DirectX 10 512MB

Size: 2GB free space