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Angry Birds Epic 1.0.10

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Join your favorite Angry Birds characters in the most epic quest of all times

By Ellie Teller

On Monday, July 20, 2015

Angry Birds Epic is a RPG videogame based on the characters of the world famous franchise by Rovio. This game tries to push things a little more. The old Angry Birds formula changes and adapts to new genres so the franchise is able to survive in a fast-changing market where you can lose your golden crown in a matter of months. This said, the game has some interesting features and cool mechanics that bring back the good old turn-based RPG the old school gamers love.

As in the other titles of the franchise, you begin your quest with the red bird, which serves as the knight this time. Later on you will find new and powerful characters to complete your team such as the yellow wizard or the white cleric. Moreover, you can equip each character with different weapons and pieces of armor to modify their abilities or increase their stats.


  • Different weapons and pieces of armor allow hundreds of combinations
  • Challenging boss fights in which you need to learn the attack pattern to succeed


  • It takes too long until you start playing the real thing and adding new members
Ease to access guides and manuals:




What do you like most about this program?
  • it is a very fun game if you have a lot of time (and money to buy unique classes) on your hands to burn up by wrecking little piggies and eating bacon at the end...

  • this game is different than any othr angry bird available here in market. that differnece actually makes it really really interesting. likeit


The Angry Birds franchise has turned into one of the game revelations for mobile devices. App download ranking lists now count them by millions. In this case, Angry Birds Epic takes our favorite birds into a whole new RPG adventure fighting for the kingdom with astonishing powers and fantasy techniques. The app is released for free for tablets and smartphones running Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Almost as in any title from the Rovio adventures, the game begins with the pork side stealing the valuable birds’ eggs, commanded by the King Pork. Your mission during the game is to recover them from their stinky hooves, but this time the gameplay will be a turn-based RPG featuring the touch interface of the different portable devices.

The visual aspect of Angry Birds Epic takes the same influence from previous titles, with colorful environments and charming characters. The game works really smoothly on most of the current devices, so its performance won’t be a real problem for the average audience. The sound section adds funny effects such as pork laugh, battle-winning songs and the unique humor of these birds.

Fight against all kind of pigs
Fight against all kind of pigs


Besides the previous Angry Birds Go and the famous Bad Piggies, this new Angry Birds Epic introduces the RPG genre to one of the most popular franchises nowadays. As in any RPG title, there are many classes for your characters, mainly differentiated by their battle characteristics. This way you can control Red, a mighty knight that protects and takes massive damage, and Chuck, the powerful yellow mage bird, capable of blasting your enemies with powerful magic spells.

You will be asked to travel through different points of the world map, from vast tropical territories or mountains to the evil and deep dungeon. Winning tons of battles will take you to a whole new level, meaning you will be able to finish the porky snout-nosed villains in no time. You can master new skills and abilities, which will be necessary for further worlds where the difficulty level increases heavily. Each action will fill the pepper below the playing screen, which allows one of your characters to release an extra powerful attack, depending on the class.

Get new weapons crafting materials that you earn in each battle against the evil piggy empire.

The role-playing gameplay includes battles skills and the use of potions. Additionally, you will find different in-app downloads that will include epic upgrades for your bird warriors for improving the game experience through the different adventures and missions. Get new weapons crafting materials that you earn in each battle against the evil piggy empire.

Equip your characters with new weapons and skills
Equip your characters with new weapons and skills

Angry Birds Epic 1.0.10 Features

Check the main features for Angry Birds Epic:

  • Enjoy the first RPG adventure title from the Angry Birds franchise
  • Experience a whole new Role Playing gameplay with the touch interface of your mobile device
  • Available for mobile devices (Android, Windows Phone and iOS)
  • Discover a whole new world based on the Angry Birds universe full of adventures
  • Craft new weapons and upgrade your characters with the free materials you can get after the battles
  • Form your unique Bird Party with warriors, healers or wizards and release their power with chili pepper

For advanced information about this mobile device app, you can check the official website.

Discover the vast world
Discover the vast world

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements to download and run this game on your device:

  • Operating System: iOS 6, Android 2.3.3 or Windows Phone 8 or later
  • Size: 68 MB free space