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Summoners War: Sky Arena 1.2.0

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Summoners War: Sky Arena for iPhone and Android. Role strategic shift.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, April 11, 2016

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a popular game developed by the Korean company Com2uS, which provided him with a mixture of video game and RPG Arcade, where what matters is the strategy. We recommend opening an account Com2uS using your Facebook or Google account to back up your game as you progress and do not lose your progress in case of technical failure plus you receive bonuses for entering daily.

The game takes us to the great world of Itharia, which will take the role of a Summoner creatures and where we go walking dungeons throughout the world and collecting about 400 different monsters, which are classified depending on their elements and attacks on "fire, water, wind, light and darkness." Each of the monsters will be assigned points and strength as "defense, speed, support and attack" which increase in each battle to level up and become stronger. Summoners War: Sky Arena is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Victory in battle depends on the type of monster you choose, because count with different abilities during combat, allowing you to do more damage to your opponent or otherwise your attacks will not be as effective.

You can explore the world of Itharia to gain experience, you will find and you will face different opponents and within the dungeons will be new targets in which one of the principal will be beating the head with counts each dungeon


  • Very entertaining game that spend hours and hours
  • The monsters have a very cool design


  • The continuous output of the same monsters get bored
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Games for smartphones have been improved all over the time, from the previous simple breakout and puzzle titles to the recent FPS and RPG installments. In this case, Summoners War: Sky Arena is presented as a new Role Playing title in which you will have to fight to be the best in the Sky Arena. The developer HIVE has released the game to download for iOS and Android completely for free.

The game looks really great, even on average devices and stands out over the competitors when it runs on high-end smartphones and tablets. The 3D graphics offer great details for each character, along with the special effects in each battle. Enjoy your mobile device with the stunning graphics of this app.

Although the game is free, it includes several items that make the game easier such as power-ups, but these items require a purchase using real money in the in-app store. Amongst these benefits, you will also find a faster recovery of the crystals you'll need for each mission on the several available dungeons.


As in any other RPG title, in Summoners War: Sky Arena you will need to form your own party of magical creatures for battling against all kind of enemies in the diverse dungeons. Each creature has unique skills based on attributes such as water, wind, dark, light and fire. These attributes are indispensable for mastering the basics of the gameplay since each one is strong against other as well as other tips you will find during the game.

To become the master of the Sky Arena, you will need powerful creatures. You can train them battling against the enemies in the dungeons, and also make them even better through the different evolutions they can make. This way, you can turn your 1-star creature into a powerful 6-star and form your party. Once you get into a battle, the actions are performed in turns, depending on the speed of each creature. This allows you to choose between the different skills of your party, beating even the most fearful bosses.

Turn your 1-star creature into a powerful 6-star and form your party.

Additionally, you can manage you own village, decorating the place while you summon more creatures from the items you get in the dungeons or in the store. The game also includes a PVP mode(Player vs. Player) in which you can challenge other gamers online and check who is the best in the Sky Arena using the different tips and techniques you’ve learned.

Check the stats of your party members
Check the stats of your party members

Summoners War: Sky Arena 1.2.0 Features

Find the main features in Summoners War: Sky Arena for mobile phones and tablets:

  • Fast-paced turn-based RPG title with more than 400 different monsters to train
  • Explore all the dungeons looking for new items and objects for summoning new partners
  • Evolve your creatures and form the most powerful party the Sky Arena has ever known
  • Master the different attributes of your party and make the most of them with the game’s tips
  • Challenge other players in the online PVP mode
  • Complete regular battles in Auto Mode to save your efforts
  • Get additional items and power-ups through the in-app store

For requesting more information about the title, you can click on the following link.

System Requirements

Check the requirements prior the download of the title:

  • OS: Android version 2.3, iOS 6
  • Size: 15MB free space for the app and additional space for the download of the full game content