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The introduction of smartphones with Internet connectivity has changed many things in our daily lives. Communications are much quicker; information access is almost immediate, and it even has improved the way we travel. In this case, Lyft is presented as a revolutionary application for offering a cheap way for getting to wherever you want. This San Francisco-based network company grants a different way for travelling, thanks to its ride-sharing system.

The success of the service has been assured due to the millions of users that have tried Lyft up to this day. In general terms, this service is a lot cheaper than cabs, trains or other kind of transportation, as well as it offers a comfortable way for travelling to your required destination.

This San Francisco-based network company grants a different way for travelling, thanks to its ride-sharing system.

It is based on a car-sharing system in which both the driver and the user will rate their experience with each other on a star rating. This way the community is formed only by members that have been rated highly by the Lyft community itself. With the download of this app for your smartphone, you will have access to the real peer-to-peer driving community.

Check the characteristics of the driver and the vehicle
Check the characteristics of the driver and the vehicle


There are two ways for using Lyft, as a regular user or as a driver. The moment you download Lyft, the free app will require information about your characteristics and likes in order to create a convenient profile. This way, the services you will ask for will be only related to people that may be similar to you, improving the compatibility rate with your partner.

Those who want to share their vehicles can sign-up to the service, getting the benefits of the rides. With the affiliated program, those who join the service will receive a good payment for the jobs. For doing this service well enough, Lyft needs to be assured that your car is optimized to be used as well as your aptitude as a driver. In order to respect the law, it is prohibited the use of alcohol and to drive under its influence during the service.

For using this application, good behavior is indispensable. This information will be attached to your profile in order to set your background. Additionally, Lyft assures the safety of the travel with their insurance protection plan. All the vehicles in use must meet the requirements for its service for guarranteeing a good user experience.

Request the course you want to take
Request the course you want to take

Lyft 2.2.4 Features

Check the unique features that you can get with the download of this app:

  • Get the cheapest trip straight from your smartphone in a simple way
  • Reliable way of transportation to connect cities like Baltimore, Pittsburgh or Cleveland
  • Affiliate program for receiving up to the 80% of Lyft’s payment of the jobs
  • Vehicles in use of the pink mustache of the application have passed the indispensable inspections
  • Affiliates can combine their jobs with the passenger transportation service
  • The service of Lyft is available free only in the United States

For additional information about the service, get to the official website through this

link. .

Choose the payment
Choose the payment

System Requirements

Find the minimum requirements for running this smartphone application:

  • OS: iOS version 7.0, Android 2.1
  • Size: 7.5MB free space