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Far Cry 4: Its time to end playing and start living!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One can doubtlessly say that Far Cry 4 is the best first person shooter released yet. It is an amazing artwork crafted by Ubisoft utilizing the real beauty of Kyrat, in Himalaya. After getting involved in it for a while, you will feel as you where just living it! I appreciate their skill of extracting the native culture and lifestyle to a virtual dimension.

Ajay Ghale is the central character of the game, the protagonist. The game deals with his fights against the autocratic ruler called Pagan Min. The game has got an exciting plot, along with the life-like graphics and sound effects. Surroundings look really stunning so that you won’t wish to leave the game. Talking about the graphics, Ubisoft has recreated everything on the place, including each and every fold of Himalaya peaks. There are challenging fauna, animals and steep slopes for the best battling fun. Vehicles including Auto-rickshaws are there in the game.

This will be the best FPS shooter which gives unlimited fun. Through the game, Ubisoft sets a new theory of virtual realism. When Ajay chooses each mission, it is you who lives there through him. You should definitely try it!


  • Great visual effects and graphics
  • Amazing sound effects and details
  • Utilizes true beauty of Himalayas
  • Recreated mother nature in all aspects


  • Needs very high end systems to run it



Conquer The lands Of Himalayas And Kill The Annoying Pagan Min

By Kyle Daniels

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I thought Far Cry 3 was already the most developed first person action-packed game in the market, but I was wrong. Far Cry 4 is much developed and I believe the most improved action game in the market nowadays. This game that comes with its full version is situated in the Himalayas region in Nepal. The place is so cool and there are really lots of adventure that takes place in the said location.

Far Cry 4 introduces Ajay Ghale as the main protagonist in the game. Pagan Min is also introduced in the game as the main antagonist who seriously annoys Ajay. Same as through with the last version, players still got to enjoy the outstanding weapons being achieved while in the mission, but for this version, the weapons are more to be likened by many players. In addition, there are also lots of improved vehicles to be used and hunting is still part of every quest. I’m still amazed on how the sound effects are being made because it really seemed to be so true. There are two modes in the game. The first one is a single player mode and the other one lets you invite a friend to play with. An interesting part of this version is that animals are free to attack the players so users got to be extra careful while staying in the wilds. Story is still excellent, making it more exciting compared to the first three versions of the game.

This is something I highly recommend to people who looks for action-packed games.


  • New great and powerful weapons to use
  • The sound effects are realistic


  • Game demands high system requirements



.FAR CRY 4 FULL VERSION it is a good game improved from far cry 3

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It is an action game that has been improved from far cry 3 . this game is very adventurous . the players get to enjoy new modern weapons and the new improved cars that have been provided .as i was playing it it was very intresting and fun because you have the choice to play as a single player or invite your friend to play with and the other fact that made me like theg ame is the sound effect it makes one feel like its so real and ne feels good . the animals n this game are so free to attack so as a player one should be more carefull . compared to the other three version of the game i find this verson very intresting because its story line is just so amazing


Has two modes; single player and muiltiple players

Has modernised cars


One enjoye playing the game it i fun to play

It is addictive too if you play it for long


  • The sound effect seems so real tht you enjoy the game even more
  • The powerful cars which are modernised make you enjoy the game


  • Tiresome when u play for long




For what are you going to use the program?
  • play the game for fun of a first person shooter with really great graphic and game content. lets see what else can i type. that have played

  • Entertainment use for free time. I just want to play this game because I got addicted to it and it is fun going on missions and killing bad people.

  • Learning because my younger brother (15) has always wanted to play a fps. I took action and did not want to spend money on this game. So I found this.

  • i would play this game on my laptop hat i just bought dont u thik that word limit is just too feging much whatever now i am getting bored so bye

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What similar programs have you used?
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  • various war games like world of warcraft, starcraft and diablo. I have also played ghost recon, halo, star wars the old republic and pacific world international.

  • i personally havent used any programs that are similar to this program which is why im trying to install it right now and i hope it works perfectly fine and have no viruses in it

  • Similar programs that I already used is Farcry 3, Tomb Raider, Counter Strike Reloaded, X-Men origins Wolverine, Resident Evil 6,Modern warfare etc.

  • amazing such a good app very nicei have used many programs like softonic logic and others but i liked this website i love it too easy to use

What do you like most about this program?
  • 136 137 133 129 123 121 117 113 109 105 101 97 94 91 88 85 82 79 76 73 70 67 64 61 58 55 52 49 46 43 40 37 34 31 28 25 22 19 16 13 10 7 5 3 1

  • driving shooting and hunting animals soand you get to ride elephants thats fun and much ather stuff like taking over outposts and killing enemys

  • Play a game skin droid is me me we melodic osmosis leks kicked look lookin million milk km ominous keychains in skirmish judge men's he hsnsnsn

  • Far Cry 3 was fun and I want to try version 4, I had a good time trying to find all of the hidden objects. I like to roam around freely or play mission.

  • This game has basically bddwdwde mine favourite ,thus i love youand i have played far cry 3 for a lot of time. Thank for the program ubisofy


Far Cry 4 is an open world first-person action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Kiev, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Red Storm and published by Ubisoft. It is the fourth release in the saga, but it is not related (with regards to the plot) to any of the previous installments. Each installment has had its own protagonist, antagonists and locations, and this one was not less likely to do the same. It has been developed for console platforms and PC.

The plot of this release will be set in Kyrat, a Nepali region of the Himalayas. Its breathtaking landscapes, its dangerous but exotic fauna, and its native people would make this place an excellent location to live if it were not for Pagan Min. He is the charismatic (yet illegitimate) king of Kyrat. Coming from Hong Kong, this character is the villain of the story since he took control of Kyrat by using the force of his own army. In addition, he is not kind with the natives; he exploits them and uses them to exploit the resources of the land for his own gain.

Beautiful landscapes
Beautiful landscapes

Our main character is Ajay Ghale, a young man who returns to his birthplace, Kyrat, to fulfill the last wish of his mother; to scatter her ashes in this place. However, he is involved in the civil war that this Himalayan region is suffering. The forces of an army arrest Ghale and he is kidnaped as soon as he sets foot in Pagan Min's kingdom.

As in Far Cry 3, in this installment, you will count on a vast number of weapons for defense, lots of animals to hunt (or be hunted), plenty of vehicles to move around the map, and of course, new abilities that will allow you to defeat the unworthy ruler Pagan Min. This installment gathers all the good ideas of the previous game and inserts them in the next-gen era.

Incredible HD Graphics
Incredible HD Graphics

A new villain to lead the story

Our new villain seems to have taken the baton from the unforgettable Vaas Montenegro, who stole the show in Far Cry 3 and was even more memorable than the main character. Of course, the despotic Pagan Min is another crazy character with his own vision of life, and he will annoy Ghale to infinity and beyond. Min looks as sociopath as his villain predecessor, and if he is similar to Vaas, you will hate him at least as much as you will love him.

Its breathtaking landscapes, its dangerous but exotic fauna, and its native people would make this place an excellent location to live if it were not for Pagan Min

As in the previous release, in the gameplay you will have a huge map to explore and develop your story. You will be able to play the main campaign alone in the single story player, or play it with a friend in the Drop-In/Drop-Out Cooperative play. In the campaign, when exploring the vast map, the central character, Ajay, will have to learn to survive in a hostile environment and full of different ecosystems such as snowy crags and cliffs, amazing waterfalls, shifting sands, or lush forests. Kyrat is as overgrown as the location of Far Cry 3 but much more vertical and uneven, and it is a new challenge for the players.

You can ride animals
You can ride animals

The wildlife, especially wild animals, are dangerous animals that will attack you, but some of them are as useful as a good gun. Elephants can be ridden and used as a destructor vehicle whilst your use your harpoon. You can choose the way you want to solve missions. You are free to be stealthy, releasing animals to distract the guards, defeating everyone by using baits to attract them and then using your crossbow to perform a useful headshot, or you can enter the camp like Rambo, use all your weapons to provoke havoc and destroy everything.

Pushing or kicking explosive barrels in a slope in which at least 10 enemies are walking is one of the most marvelous things you can do once you download this game, and it is a visual joy. Our protagonist will be well armed to accomplish his mission. Weapons are more or less the same that Jason Brody had in the previous release, but there are also new eccentric ones such as fragmentation grenades, quick missile launchers, etc. Far Cry 4 is realistic, but developers bet for the spectacular and the intensity when playing, now more than ever, when combining the above-mentioned things with the floating suit, the zip wires, the hook or the flying vehicles.

Far Cry 4 Full Version Features

Listed below, you can find all the incredible features of Far Cry 4:

  • New beautiful locations with different environments to explore: jungle, mountains, lakes, etc.
  • An interesting storyline to leave you glued to your seat
  • Deep characters with their own stories and life
  • Many animals to fight or use to your own advantage
  • Two game modes: Single Story Player and Drop-In/Drop-Out Co-op (it is important to mention that you can play with a friend even if he or she does not have the game - you can invite him or her)
  • New vehicles to explore the map and visit all the places of Kyrat
  • New weapons to destroy everything in your way

If you are interested in Far Cry 4, and you want to know more about the installment before you download it to your PC, please, check the official website .

System Requirements

To correctly download this installment to your PC, you need to have the following system requirements:

  • System Requirements: Windows 7 or later versions, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600, Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.4 GHz or better
  • RAM Memory: at least 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6570 1GB DDR3, NVidia GeForce GT 630 or better cards
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive Space: 15 GB free on your PC