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Geometry Dash 1.71




Slide and jump to the rhythm of music in this nearly impossible game

By Ellie Teller

On Monday, July 20, 2015

Geometry Dash is an endless scrolling 2D platform videogame in which you have to avoid all kinds of traps to reach the end of the levels. Veteran users of this kind of games will identify Geometry Dash as a clone of The Impossible Game, but the truth is that this one has way more features than its predecessor.

You control a customizable square that slides through a neon scenario filled with spikes and pits you have to avoid at all costs. The gameplay mechanics are as simple as tapping right before crashing, but the sensitivity changes when your square gets boosted. One mistake will cost you all your progress, and you will have to restart the level from the beginning. This may not sound too dramatic, but believe me, once you have tried and learned the path of a level a gazillion times, starting from the beginning can be a pain.


  • Playing is as simple as tapping to avoid traps
  • Well planned levels that suit the music


  • You will end up crushing your phone in despair
Ease to access guides and manuals:




Geometry Dash is an ability arcade game designed especially for smartphones following the influence of other titles such as The Impossible Game. In this case, although it has an insane difficulty level, this title, ready to download for Android and iOS improves the action from the previous addictive ability titles released to date. Developed by RobTop, it takes the popular simple gameplay into a whole new dimension.

The variety of environments makes it more attractive with the flashing lights included, along with the electronic music which marks the platforming rhythm.

If you have in mind the games related to Geometry Dash, you will find that the visual aspect is not as detailed as this one. In this game, the variety of environments makes it more attractive with the flashing lights included, along with the electronic music which marks the platforming rhythm. In general terms, the whole aspect of Geometry Dash gives the player a great speed sensation, taking your skills to the limit with each jump.

Avoid all kind of objects
Avoid all kind of objects


Geometry Dash almost only requires reflexes for its rhythm-based super-tricky addictive gameplay. The game is accessible for newcomers due to its starting simplicity. The only action you must perform is to jump in order to avoid the diverse obstacles like spikes or platforms all over the stage. Although it may seem really simple, the game is one of the most difficult you will ever have in your hands.

What it makes different from other, similar versions is that the diversity of situations during the same stage is very high, sometimes even exasperating. While you are passing through the spikes, you have to calculate each jump precisely in order not to land over the next trap. The first couple of stages don't look so difficult, but you must try the demon levels in case you want to experience the real meaning of an impossible game. Gameplay changes include turning into a flying rocket, gravity inversion or even reversing the progress direction of the stage. All these changes make the game more diverse, and they also encourage you to be focused on every aspect of the current stage.

During the arcade game, you can unlock different aspects for playing, as well as colors for them. In case you have beaten all the available levels, you can create new ones from nothing with the included editor. Share these online and download new content for free straight from the application without getting it from your PC. You can set different sections for your stages like the ones that are already implemented in the originals and send your creations online for other players.

Edit and create your own stages
Edit and create your own stages

Geometry Dash 1.71 Features

Check the features of Geometry Dash for your mobile device:

  • Enjoy the original Rhythm-based fast-paced action platform game
  • Unlock all the icons and levels beating the current high scores and get the secret achievements
  • Addictive arcade gameplay that will make you play over and over again
  • Each new stage includes its unique track helping the rhythm of the game
  • Download new content created for free by players and share yours online

Check its official website for getting the latest information and games related to the developing studio.

System Requirements

These are the requirements for running Geometry Dash:

  • Operating System: iOS version 4.3, Android 2.2 or newer
  • Size: 36MB free space on device