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It seems to be a popular time for ability app games for smartphones and also for the remake of classic formulas into new formats for Android which have been really successful lately. Follow The Line takes the influence from web-based titles for simple gameplay mechanics, remaking it in order to adapt the title to touch screens devices in a free app.

The aspect of the application is basically minimalistic, offering a range of colors for the different and randomly generated maze stages. Technically speaking this title doesn’t offer impressive graphics, but at least this makes it simple and accessible enough for all kinds of users, being designed basically for quick games.

The title is simple and accessible enough for all kinds of users, being designed basically for quick games.

The developer team of this mobile app, Crimson Pine, has optimized Follow The Line for making it run well enough on all kinds of devices, no matter their hardware build. This stable version offers an elegant approach for the classic gameplay of this puzzle genre, adapting it to the latest titles for Android.


The gameplay of Follow The Line is really simple. To start the stage, you have to press the button that appears on the bottom of the screen, and then the game will start. The objective is to follow the path that appears, avoiding all kinds of obstacles and without touching the border limits. The app looks really easy, but it turns into a complete challenge due to the diverse obstacles.

The minimalistic design of this free app alongside with the low requirements makes it easy to play, with dynamic color changes that are attractive and nice to see. Beating the available stages, you can unlock more scenarios with harder designs that will require the best of the users’ skills in avoiding all kind of traps. There are different kind of obstacles included, from those that are fixed to the stage to mobile parts of the scene that will increase the difficulty, forcing the player to make their movements fit the timing of their movements.

The title works simply with the download and easy installation, being compatible with most smartphones thanks to its great optimization of the mechanics and the graphical aspect. Although the analysis of this title is for the Android Operating System, there are similar versions for iOS to download that certainly work well enough and are worth a try.

New stages to test your skills
New stages to test your skills

Follow The Line 1.21 Features

Find the unique features of Follow The Line in the following list:

  • Enjoy the great variety of the randomly generated mazes and the different challenges
  • Simple puzzle gameplay, walk the path of the stage using just a finger avoiding all kind of traps and obstacles
  • Beat your personal record score and unlock all the world stages included in the title without further download
  • No need of configuration, install it and it will be automatically ready to be played with a great performance

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System Requirements

Find the requirements of this app for your smartphone:

  • Operating System: Android version 2.3 or later
  • Size: 6.3MB free available space