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Gangstar Vegas 1.5.0




Welcome to the real city of sin. Gangstar Vegas is an action sandbox game developed by Gameloft, only available to download on mobile systems such as Android and iOS, for smartphones and tablet devices. Explore the whole urban environment with a vivid society and discover the underworld of the mobsters that try to hunt you down.

The game takes you into the darkest places of the gang world. You play as Jason Malone, a professional fighter who gets paid in order to fix his next match. However, nothing goes according to the plan and finally Jason ends up winning, an event that the mobster Frank Valieno didn't take so happily. Now, pursued by the dangerous criminal mob you will take on several kinds of missions to survive the imminent threat that approaches.

The technical aspect of this title is superb, similar to console games from the previous generation. Gangstar Vegas includes the physics engine Havok, which assures a realistic and amazing behavior of the impacts and effects on the people during the game. The graphical effects are astonishing for a mobile device, the textures are rather good and the frame rate is stable except from some frame drops once there are too many elements on screen.

Enter into buildings like casinos and play
Enter into buildings like casinos and play


The game presents a third-person action view with a high-quality environment. In the great city you will find any kind of vehicle, from muscle cars, monster trucks and bikes to fighter jets. That aside, the variety of weapons you can get is really awesome, including Molotov cocktails, a crossbow, flamethrowers, all the way up to other kinds of weapons such as electric guitars and baguettes.

About the control, we can state that it is not so comfortable if you are playing directly from the smartphone or the tablet. In its place it is better to get an external gamepad for taking advance of all its features. In case you are playing directly with the touchscreen, the different kinds of actions will appear directly on the lower part of the display. With these actions you can get into cars and enjoy a specific fighting gameplay control.

The main aspect of Gangstar Vegas is the variety of events and the free giant world in which you play. You can improve your skills, but these improvements won’t come free as well as the gear you can equip. During the whole story you can get some funny stuff such as a jetpack and even alien laser weapons that increase the action and make the game more unique.

Gangstar Vegas 1.5.0 Features

Learn about the main features of Gangstar Vegas for your tablet and smartphone:

  • Explore the vast and free open-world looking for some action
  • Perform fantastic movements and stunts thanks to the advanced Havok physics engine
  • Customize your character and improve any aspect that you like
  • Enjoy using the variety of weapons, from guns and grenades to baguettes and laser guns
  • Great soundtrack available for enjoying during the game with artists like Skrillex and Chromatics
  • Play the casino games that are available through the entire city

Through the following link you can get more details about the game and related titles from Gameloft.

Fight with new movements
Fight with new movements

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for running this game:

  • Operating System: Android version 2.3, iOS version 6.0 or newer
  • Size: 1.30GB free space for iOS and 2.1GB for Android
  • Compatible with iPhone 4 onwards or similar devices


Gangster Vegas: The dark side of urban life ported to Smartphones!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gameloft is the company who utilized the growth of Smartphone gaming to its maximum. They are always the first in porting different PC game titles to the small screens. Gangstar Vegas is also such a game. It is a realistic open world game where you are just living instead of playing. Simply saying, it is something similar to the Grand Theft Auto series.

The game will take you through the darkest side of urban lives, where underworld fighters spark their firsts for the higher throne. You are such a one, who fights for payment. Just challenge someone, use your weapons and win the mission. In the game, you can go anywhere as you want, take any vehicle and access anything as in GTA games. Graphics is similar to GTA 3 or former, but great for mobile platforms.

Gangstar Vegas is a nice game, with cool missions, great graphics and good physics. But some flickering and distance draw issues are encountered in most phones, especially in low end devices. There are also other options like GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and GTA 3 etc. on the same lane. It is better to give first priority to GTA SA and then Gangstar Vegas. Anyway, it’s a nice game!


  • GTA like missions and physics
  • Graphics is simple and attractive
  • Great map, vehicles and weapons
  • Extra abilities like jet packs


  • Some flickering and draw distance issues
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