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Twitch tv android application user review for phpNuke by James Meyette.

By James Meyette

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Twitch Tv started off a few years back as a gamers community social platform where players could host “Shows” about the games that they play really it could be used for any type of game. This is still what it is but it is now owned by Amazon and is one of the biggest platforms available for this type of thing next to YouTube, rather than paying just in advertisments Twitch pays their users from games that are advertised. Being that I use twitch to watch shows and not host them I cannot really say if one really pays more than the other.

Overall it is a great platform and you can get a lot of valuable information on many game titles available for PC, mobile devices, Playstation, and Xbox. If you can host a video about something you can have a show on Twitch. Download the application and give it a try there should be something there for everyone.


  • Watch a ton of shows live or recorded
  • Earn money by hosting your own shows


  • The amount of money you can actually make ends up not being a lot unless you have a ton of viewers.
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • entrataining purposes because i like to see online streems of my favoryte videogames like mario 64 and the legend of zelda while im lying on


One of the most known Internet phenomena is finally available for download for mobile devices. Twitch is a streaming video application that will allow its users to play live videos from people around the world, sorted by different kinds of channels focused on e-sports and videogames in general, displaying anything from gameplay to game reviews.

Twitch has turned into a very popular site on the Internet thanks to its interaction with the broadcaster. You can chat while the channel owner is playing your favorite videogame. This tool for mobile devices such as Android smartphones, tablets and iPhones, allows the users to watch online content anywhere they go, without being constantly on a laptop or desktop computer.

The variety of games includes classic ones to the latest installments for PC and consoles, and available clients for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

The variety of games includes classic ones to the latest installments for PC and consoles, and available clients for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Despite the different platforms in which this software is available to download for free, it follows the general features of the web-based application. The performance of Twitch for mobile devices is splendid, with the same full-featured live chat from the original version, the possibility of browsing different kinds of channels and all of these without noticing lag. Now, once you get the app installed, you will be able to enjoy your favorite League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty players from your device in a good video quality.

Browse the different contents from the available channels
Browse the different contents from the available channels

Quality on demand

Although there are several online video services, Twitch has become one of the most popular online videogames streaming services due to its quality and smooth way of working. Without bothering their users with connection problems, Twitch offers top-notch video quality, no matter which kind of device you use. The broadcasts can be configured according to your connection in order to use the video quality that best adapts to the current Internet speed in order to keep the stream video quality optimized.

As a novelty in this free app, Twitch includes a chat-only mode. In this mode, you can avoid playing videos in case you only want to chat with other viewers that are currently connected to the same channel as you. Join the different kinds of online events that you can find everyday on different channels.

Twitch 3.0.1 Features

Check the features that Twitch offers in your mobile device:

  • Excellent video quality without lag or connection issues, all right in your hand
  • Chat-only mode without streaming live videos from different channels
  • Browse for your favorite videogames online and learn from professional players
  • Join one of the most famous communities through your tablet or smartphone
  • Play different video channels according to the bitrate quality and Internet speed connection

For more information about the application, you can check the original source of the service through this link.

Chat and watch at the same time
Chat and watch at the same time

System Requirements

Find the minimum resources for installing this app on your device after the download:

  • Operating System: iOS 7, Android 4.0 onwards
  • Size: 4.4MB free space